At the next Samoter 2020 a brand is back , the one that made the history of dump trucks. After the events that brought to the closure of the factories based in Verona area and to the brand transfer to the Cangialeoni Group, Perlini is now back to the market. Cangialeoni Group also including Bartoletti Rimorchi. Perlini new course is based on a brand name that in the past has been synonymous with dump trucks.

Perlini, the dump trucks in its DNA

The massive market entries of many other important brands from the earthmoving field has certainly made more difficult the coming back of this player after not simple events. In the dump truck market, hardware is certainly of fundamental importance but the part relating to services and cost-per-ton control has now become primary. In the very severe operating conditions in which these trucks usually work, the minimum requirements needed include exhausting job shifts with high productivity without any other problems than the ones linked to ordinary maintenance schedule.

Performance and productivity

Operators working in the mining sector need to rationalize the transport of the material as much as possible and, to do this, it is necessary to be able to monitor every single functional aspect of the truck. Perlini has gained a solid reputation as a manufacturer of reliable trucks. The relaunch of the brand must therefore start from these bases. However, it should be remembered that presently competitors are able to supply the most advanced integrated technologies for management control. Knowing exactly the detailed cost per each transported ton of material is a fundamental must. Perlini has also thought in detail of this aspect by equipping its new models with integrated control by monitoring production thanks to the VEI ipotweb software. The Italian brand has relied on VEI, one of the leaders in the quarry-construction sector with regard to weighing and control devices.

Update at 360° with a Stage V Swedish heart

From a basic design point of view, Perlini dump trucks have always been recognized as high operational capacity trucks. However, an update was needed in some respects. Update that was not long in coming and which, in addition to the fundamental software for management control, also involved the engine and transmission. The truck range for the markets complying with the emission regulations is powered by Scania Stage V engines. More in detail the engine models are the in-line six-cylinder DC13 and the V8 DC16. The two engines power Perlini DP405WD and DP705WD respectively. Instead Perlini 95 tons model DP905WD is powered by Detroit Diesel MTU engine 16V – 2000 Stage II. It is therefore a truck whose marketing is presently reserved to some specific markets. As far as the transmission, Perlini has consolidated its historic partnership with Allison, the global market leader in automatic transmissions for heavy duty applications, supplying the new models with electronic control. In this way, the truck operator constantly has everything perfectly under control. The suspension design, the chassis and the basic setting remain the historical ones that have historically made the Perlini a successful brand.

A range for everyone

The current range is divided into three models which cover the highest demand on the dump truck market. It starts from the DP405 WD with an operating weight of 40,000 kg, a body of 26 cubic meters and a power of 550 HP. The Scania DC13 motorization provides a torque of 2,419 Nm @ 1,500 rpm, highlighting a very elastic behavior ideal for heavy applications. A Stage II engine is also available as an option for non-emission markets. The DP705 WD has an operating weight of 65,000 kg, a 42.0 cubic meter body and a power of 760 hp. In this case, the engine, always Scania, is the appreciated V8 DC16 which stands out for its lightness and torque reserve. The latter is in fact 3,183 Nm always at 1,500 rpm allowing flexible disengagement in any operating situation. The largest in the range, the DP905 WD has an operating weight of 95,000 kg and a 61.0 cubic meter body. When it was introduced a few decades ago, it was the largest dumper truck in the world. It is a machine, for now, intended for some markets where mining requires more important machines than the EU market average. The engine is in fact a Detroit Diesel MTU 16V Stage II with 1,050 hp and 4,630 Nm of maximum torque at 1,350 rpm.