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2019: a new course

The new course of the Perlini brand, strongly desired by the Cangialeoni Group, has implemented some technological changes to the truck (new Brand “PERLINI DUMPERS”) that allow our rigid dump trucks to keep its technological leadership on the market.

The Cangialeoni Group presently represents internationally an important operator within the Italian engineering industry and stands out for efficiency and quality, evident features in all the products manufactured by the different companies of the Group.

Presently our rigid dump trucks are an engineering masterpiece, also for their performances. Furthermore, our technical staff has always been in continuous research and study of technological solutions that allow Perlini to stand out for quality and efficiency.

Some new equipments

New engine

New SCANIA engine complying with the new emissions’ regulations, in force for the EU countries starting from January 2019.

Weighing system

For all our dump truck range we have available an innovative onboard weighing system electronically controlled.

Data transmission

Wireless data transmission for up-to-date and in-step-with-the times electronics in the field of rigid dump trucks.

Remote control

Many operations can also be carried out at distance via remote control of the dump truck.


The location of the dump truck will never be out of control thanks to an innovative GPS system applied on every vehicle.

Advanced cabins

All the dump trucks are fitted with new cabs that meet the specific needs of each customer.