How a Perlini dump truck is manufactured

A Perlini dump truck represents a combining of excellent ingredients, the result of a careful design and consequent assembly consisting of four categories of components:

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Perlini original components

They represent the set of components manufactured according to Perlini design and correspondent drawings. These components are absolutely strategic since they constitute the heart of the dump truck and are directly produced upon Perlini Dumpers’ design and their realization is carefully followed and conducted by specialized technicians, who can draw on their over ten years’ experience in the field.

Perlini components working areas

Cast-iron foundery
Steel foundary
Mechanical working area
Gears production area
Metallic carpentry
Heat and surface treatment area
Pipe manufacturing area
Painting area

Primary commercial components

They concern primary components not manufactured upon Perlini design, but whose application requires a specific design made by Perlini technical department.

Commercial groups

They include the set of commercial components, manufactured according to Perlini Dumpers design, used in the assembly of the groups. Specifically: axle group, suspensions, lifting group, differential, that is, all subassemblies mounted in their specific area and used to compose the machine.

Assembly line commercial parts

They enclose all the components used in the final assembly line and which allow the completion of the Perlini dump truck.