At Samoter 2020 Perlini Dumpers will exhibit a new 65 tons model of dump truck

The beginning of 2020 has marked the definitive rebirth of Perlini, now Perlini Dumpers, by Cangialeoni Group based in Forlì, that took over the property of Perlini brand in 2018 and is currently engaged in the project of bringing this popular historical brand back to the elite group of rigid dump trucks’ manufacturers.

The new course has moved the company from a total internal production to a partnership with a group of 23 local suppliers, and to develop a new truck equipped with innovative features, which aims at satisfying the most advanced customer needs.

Perlini Dumpers will continue to produce at the historic Perlini factory plant in Gambellara (Vicenza), where trucks of considerable size and performance for the transport of large loads have been manufactured over the years. The current range of products consists of three types of vehicles, respectively with a load capacity of 40, 65 and 95 metric tons and with two types of engines: for European users and for users from countries outside the Union.

The novelty at Samoter 2020

The new recently produced truck involves the application of a new Scania engine Stage V, a new Avtec transmission and all the instruments that will allow any Italian truck owner to join Industry 4.0 .

The innovative 65 tons model will be officially presented at next SAMOTER exhibition.

The technical features that have always distinguished the Perlini brand remain intact, while the specific parts concerning the compliance with recently introduced regulations regarding exhaust emissions have been modified: in fact, a new Scania engine Stage V is adopted, satisfying the most severe requirements in this sense, granting low fuel consumption levels and a high torque.

Other applications relating to all the instruments (electronic weighing system, GPS locator, control of truck parameters, production monitoring in real time, etc.) allow a total control of the truck, with a significant increase in production efficiency.

 Industry 4.0:  systems complying with regulations

By the systems presently available on the new Perlini trucks, it is possible to monitor the whole truck and its load at any time. 

The new electronic transmission control allows the operator to access the data in a more comfortable and intuitive way. The selector display provides information on the transmission, allows the operator to recognize any alarms and codes integrating some diagnostic tools. 

The GPS system collects the various vehicle data: location, control of the km traveled, verification of the switchboard status (on or off), verification of body activation (lifted or low), voltage in volts of the internal battery, primary power ( on-off), GPS status (on-off), detection of CAN BUS data (non-invasive connection), environment temperature, detection of aggressive driving (acceleration, braking and sharp curves), remote commands (engine block), alert (alarm setting with notification via web and / or email), alarms (area entry and exit, power failure, GPS / GPRS signal absence, etc.) and maintenance (checking of scheduled deadlines with reminder reception on a km / hour basis). 

In addition to the GPS system, the vehicle is equipped with a VEI on-board weighing system.

This latest generation technology allows the operator to better manage and control the production, reducing the wear of dump trucks in terms of tires, transmission, engine and bodywork, monitoring production in real time on tablets, smartphones or PCs with VEI ipotweb software; furthermore it allows to know the cost of transport per ton in advance; it tracks the load efficiency; it reduces fuel consumptions by avoiding overload; technical support by trained personnel is granted worldwide. Both systems comply with the prescriptions of the laws relating to the National Business Plan named Industry 4.0.