Over 60 years

of success

Nowadays Perlini, more than sixty years after its foundation, is one of the most important companies in the world among dump trucks’ manufacturers. Throughout its history, the company has produced over 12,000 vehicles, distributing them on all five continents. Perlini trucks are present today in almost all the countries of the Middle and Far East, Africa, Oceania, South America and in most European countries.


The beginnings of Perlini adventure

In 1957 Roberto Perlini founded the “Officine Meccaniche Costruzioni Roberto Perlini”, which in a matter of a few years became one of the leading companies in the industrial vehicle transformation sector. The first achievement of the company was the transformation with the extension of the chassis and the addition of a load bearing axle: the solution, which was pretty new in Italy, was immediately received with a strong approval by the onroad transportation sector , since this innovation made it possible to reduce transport costs due to the greater load capacity of the converted vehicles.
Spurred by the growing demand boost, the company gradually reached a position of pre-eminence among the factories of this type in Northern Italy, with an annual average of over 1500 transformations; in the 1960s, Perlini was the most important European company in this field.


The Transformation

In the early 1960s, Perlini began working on two new fields, more precisely in the mechanical equipment and dump truck sectors. Production in the first sector included cylindrical cone-shaped containers for bulk materials and, in the years of greater production, the company covered over 50% of the entire Italian demand in this sector. In 1961 Perlini designed and built its first prototype for the production of dump trucks for off-road application for a highly technical use. In 1970 the thousandth vehicle was produced and a few years later, a series of dump trucks was introduced into the Chinese market, making the company the first western manufacturer to export trucks to that country. Today more than 2600 Perlini dump trucks are in operation in China to support some of the most impressive projects. In 1973 the most modern European dump truck plant was born in the province of Vicenza, in Gambellara: this equipped, updated, rational and highly efficient factory plant produced about three vehicles every day.

Discover more about Perlini frames for fire fighting vehicles.

The special vehicles produced by Perlini derserves a brief hint of story, especially for the sector of chassis for firefighting vehicles. Winning an international competition organized by the Italian Ministry of Transports in 1968, Perlini was awarded for the supply of the first B502 frames, which was followed by numerous other frames in different updated versions.
To date, the most admirable and efficient vehicles of the firefighting fleet used in all Italian airports have been mounted on Perlini chassis. These vehicles can move 32 tons at 105 km / h, guarantee rapid acceleration (the mileage from a stationary start is covered in less than a minute) and offers excellent take-off on slopes (slope can be overcome at 50% load) .

1977 - 2018

The evolution

1977 – Perlini International

Another important date is 1977, the year in which Perlini International was born, destined to expand the prospects worldwide in the distribution of dump trucks. Perlini introduced the on-off vehicle: the 131-33 is the first truck with a quarry / mine dumping body ever produced in Italy, able to move freely even on common roads. Welcomed by customers, the 131-33 model became the company’s best seller.

2005 – Perlini Equipment

In 2005, further to new strategic and targeted choices, Perlini International became Perlini Equipment owned by the Perlini family, based in San Bonifacio (VR). In 2010, Perlini presents the new dump truck model DPT 70; using the DP405 design as a base, with two bodies, it is able to transport almost double quantity of the material on relatively flat slopes.

2018 – Perlini Dumpers

In 2018, however, following some corporate events, Perlini Equipment was acquired by the Cangialeoni Group based in the city of Forli. This group creates the Industrie Macchine Perlini SpA company, which launches the new PERLINI DUMPERS brand. The new course, in addition to the production of the already existing models, has developed a new dump truck model DP405WDS equipped with a new Scania engine and countless advanced instruments.

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