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We supply highly technical and professional haulers, manufactured to load great quantities of materials on any type of ground.See all the models »

Why Perlini

Perlini company boasts more than 60 years of constant engagement allowing Perlini-brand to be present in its own right in the world elite among the rigid dump truck manufacturers. Discover the advantages »


Perlini dump trucks, winning not only for innovation and performances. See all our victories at Paris- Dakar with the mythic truck named Red Tiger.Read more »

Perlini Dumpers

Tradition creating quality

An historical brand

Perlini was born in 1957 thanks to Mr. Roberto Perlini and immediately became the leader in the industrial truck sector at European level. Over the years it has broadened its horizons to dump trucks and perfected the models making them increasingly specialized and requested by the market.

World competitiveness

The company immediately saw the boundaries of its market expand, both in Europe but also worldwide. In fact, over 12,000 vehicles have been distributed in all five continents and are concentrated in Africa, South America, in the Middle and Far East, all over Europe and China.

Power and performance

Our trucks

DP 405 WD

It is the “smaller”one among our fleet, but don’t name it in this way: our featherweight champion has got enough grit to sell, on any kind of ground, for high loads and for any challenge.

  • 40.000 kg
  • 26,3 m3
  • null
    550 hp

Technical sheet

DP 705 WD

Our middleweight champion never pulls back whenever it happens to face inconceivable tasks to others. It boasts top player performances.

  • 65.000 kg
  • 42,0 m3
  • null
    760 hp

Technical sheet

DP 905 WD

The power and resistance on four wheels, against any work condition and towards any goal. Our heavyweight champion in the fleet does not fear any ground.

  • 95.000 kg
  • 61,0 m3
  • null
    1050 hp

Technical sheet


Perlini DP705WDS

Why to choose our trucks

The advantages

Sporting Palmares


Perlini with its specialized technicians supports directly the potentially interested customer. In this way it is possible to get in touch with the specific application to better understand the actual needs of each customer and better customize the offer.

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Spare Parts

To ensure the maximum efficiency of our dump trucks, at the Perlini operational headquarters in Gambellara (VI), there is a well-equipped and equipped spare parts warehouse capable of satisfying the requests of national and international customers.

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After-sale service

The service center based in Gambellara (Vicenza) is able to intervene quickly and to meet any needs for service assistance by providing technical support in solving different problems. It is also possible to assist customers by carrying out interventions at their facilities.

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To know or to receive further information about the complete Perlini proposal, please contact our technicians.