Perlini adopts the new Scania engines that comply with the STAGE V emissions directive. Scania’s industrial engines for emission level EU Stage V are based on a robust design for superior operating economy and reliability. 

Scania’s engines are equipped with a extra high pressure fuel injection system based on common rail technology, and a turbocharger optimized for operation in combination with the exhaust gas aftertreatment system. Together with Scania’s Engine Management System, the result is an engine that fulfils the strictest exhaust emission requirements with low fuel consumption and a high torque. 

With their modular design, the engines offer easy access to daily checks and servi- ce for the operator. 

The electronic management of the engine remains in communication with the pa- rent company which can then diagnose any errors facilitating repair and reducing downtime. 

Electronic transmission control

The new electronic transmission control allows the operator to access the transmission data in a more convenient and intuitive way. 

The selector display provides information on the transmission, allows to recognize eventual alarms and their codes, and also integrates some diagnostic tools. 

New monitoring tecnologies

The systems available on the new Perlini trucks make it possible to monitor vehicle and loads at all times.

In addition to the GPS system that collects the various vehicle data shown in the table, the truck is equipped with a VEI on board weighing system. The forefront technology allows you to:

  • Manage and Control the production.
  • Reduce truck wear on: tyres, transmission, engine & bodywork.
  • Production monitoring in real time on your tablet, smartphone or PC by VEI ipotweb software.
  • Know beforehand the transported cost per ton.
  • Track loading efficiency.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by preventing overload.
  • Worldwide technical support by trained personnel (Worldwide factory trained support backup).

Both systems comply with the Italian law directives relating to the “National Industry 4.0 Plan“.