The recent collaboration between Italscania and Industrie Macchine Perlini represents a great opportunity able to satisfy the requests of our customers. Perlini dump trucks powered by the new Scania engines are synonymous with efficiency, durability and excellent operating performance.

For some months, Industrie Macchine Perlini has started a new business cooperation with Italscania for the supply of Scania industrial engines destined to become the driving force of Perlini DP 405WD (40 metric tons of capacity) and Perlini DP 705WD (65 metric tons of capacity). These dump trucks will be used in various operating sites such as quarries, mines, cement plants and foundries within different EU countries.

The supplied Scania engines are all complying with the new EU Stage V regulations, specifically the DC13 313A 405 kW and DC16 385A 566 kW models. Our company is therefore very satisfied and proud of this partnership, just as Italscania is also satisfied, as shown by Mr. Riccardo Moraglia‘s statements, as Sales manager of the marine & industrial all speed engines at Italscania.

In this way, we will be increasingly able to fully meet our customer’s requests, by a range of products with appreciated features, such as durability and reliability, operational efficiency, generous torque curves available from low revolutions, low fuel consumption and maximum reactivity in power release. Perlini technicians also appreciated another specifically technical aspect of Scania engines: their optimal coupling with the transmissions of Perlini dump trucks.

A further substantial plus that has interested the new ownership of Industrie Macchine Perlini Spa is the connectivity of the Scania engines range. From this year, Scania engines for marine and industrial applications are all equipped with the Scania Communicator C300 module, which allows continuous and remote connection and monitoring of the engines by the end customer, the OEM and by Scania service network all around the world. In this way it will be possible to obtain optimal operational management of the machine made by the OEM which will be able to offer the customer an additional and undoubted benefit in the overall control of its vehicle.

Finally, both the Perlini group and Italscania – as stated by Paolo Carri, Italscania Industrial & Marine engine Director – are aware that the continuous and constant growth of the image of their brands in the M&I engine sector will obtain an important contribution from the acquisition of this new OEM, in addition to the indisputable advantage, extended to all customers to be able to rely with maximum confidence on the global service network managed by the Scania Assistance system, well organized and widely present all over the world